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About: Domenic Bianchi New Wave Travel Barrie is a(n) Travel-Holiday in Barrie, ON


Are you thinking about traveling? If you are overwhelmed by the number of choices out there, you are not alone. Where to go, where to stay, will I find what I'm looking for? Do I have enough money to travel? These are all questions that come to everybody's mind at some point. That's why, as a travel agent, I can help in every way possible by saving you money and time. I have better resources and connections that the internet does not. Access to discounted air, hotels and extras such as resort credit and free breakfast can make the difference from a great trip to an unforgettable one. Did you know that a hotel can tell you (the customer) "no" without a problem? However, if they are dealing with an agent, they have a bigger incentive to turn that "no" to a "yes" to ensure repeat bookings.

Some of my clients like to search on their own under my website as it offers flights, family vacations, destination weddings, hotels, cruises, etc. My recommendation? If you are a surfer, please go ahead and search and do your homework. I encourage that. Search and then consult with me. I guarantee the support and the tranquility you will feel knowing that all travel/hotel arrangements have been taken care of from beginning to end.

And if you are not a surfer and prefer a one-on-one approach, I will be more than happy to assist you. I like to hear from my clients what's their dream trip and their budget and then I will do whatever I can to make it a reality for them. My clients know I like to offer options and give suggestions and they are usually pleased with that.

I believe that successful travel management has three cornerstones: customer service, cost control, and trust. My first responsibility is to my clients, and I nurture an environment of trust, honesty, respect, integrity, and commitment. Most Importantly, here are my top priorities: To give you advice, to be accountable, and to have access to many options as I possibly can to provide you with the full cost savings.

Due to my experience in the industry, I’m able to help with challenging locations and complex itineraries, delivering a variety of solutions and customizing a process that is best suited for my client. Operating with a boutique mindset, I'm always ensuring that the client’s experience is the best, no matter the budget. My goal is to serve well. With all that said, I have been in the travel industry for 32 years, 20 of which have been as an independent affiliate with New Wave Travel, providing a high level of service which is fundamental to my success.

In an incredibly dynamic travel environment, many of my long-term clients are a testament to my ability to adapt, act fast, innovate and always move forward. Just as my clients place their trust in me, I react to make immediate decisions to tend to their needs.

How can you tell the difference between a professional you can trust and one that will not have your back at all times? Like anything, you will only know for sure when you deal with that professional. Quality of service is essential to me. I work hard to provide the best to my clients, and I'm proud of the work I deliver. My name is my brand of success. Talk to me. It will be a pleasure to assist you!

For all Your Travel and Holiday needs, contact Domenic Bianchi.
My office is in Barrie, On but I have clients all over Ontario.
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